5 Best Mallorca Beaches to Visit During a Boat Charter


Mallorca, Spain beckons with its irresistible blend of rich culture, delectable cuisine, and diverse landscapes. For boaters, the allure goes beyond the vibrant streets and historic architecture and spills into the Balearic Sea. Crystalline waters and hidden coves make the island a paradise for those seeking the perfect boat charter experience. To guide you through the stunning coastline, we’ve compiled a list of the five best Mallorca beaches to visit during your boat charter. From the pristine Cala Mondragó to the secluded Caló de Moro, each destination promises a unique boat charter experience.

  1. Cala Cap Falco
  2. Caló del Moro
  3. Cala Llombards
  4. Cala Mondragó
  5. Playa Maioris

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1. Cala Cap Falco

Aerial view, secluded cove Cala Falco or Cap de Falco and Cala Bella Donna with rugged cliffs, Sol de Mallorca, Cala Vinyes and Calvia, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

Tucked along a picturesque inlet in the Bay of Palma, Cala Cap Falcó is the epitome of tranquility. This secluded escape is a lesser-known gem that boasts golden sands and turquoise waters, surrounded by pine-covered hills. The calm waters brushing the shore makes this a favorite spot among snorkelers and paddleboarders.

Cala Falcó is a Mediterranean restaurant, set back on the beach, offering quick bites. Striking a balance between tranquility and adventure, Cala Cap Falco is the perfect beach for a day of exploration during your Mallorca boat charter.

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2. Caló del Moro

Majorca Cala Llombards Santanyi beach in Mallorca Balearic Island of Spain

For those in search of a “virgin” beach experience, Caló del Moro fits the bill. This hidden cove is accessible only by boat, or a short rocky hike from land, making it a less crowded destination for your Mallorca charter. Privately owned and maintained, Caló del Moro has untouched beauty. Calm crystal waters and rocky surroundings create an idyllic setting for swimming and sunbathing. Boaters can cruise in for a peaceful retreat; escape the crowds and immerse in the natural beauty of Mallorca.

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3. Cala Llombards

Landscape with beach and turquoise sea water on Cala Mondrago, Majorca island, Spain

With its crescent bay and soft white sands, Cala Llombards is a picturesque haven. This beach strikes a balance between a lively atmosphere, fed by a number of nearby hotels, and a serene escape.

Families and adventure seekers alike will find the crystal-clear waters inviting for snorkeling and swimming. The cove is flanked by rock formations and cliffs, perfect for climbing and catching a breathtaking view, or for diving into the clear, turquoise waters. Nearby amenities make Cala Llombard a well-rounded and accessible destination to visit during your Mallorca boat charter.

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4. Cala Mondragó

East coast of Mallorca, Calo del Moro beach on the far side

Nestled within the Mondragó Natural Park, Cala Mondragó stands out with its white sandy beaches and shallow, crystal-clear waters. The landscape is a perfect blend of pine groves and rocky cliffs, creating a calm ambiance perfect for families with children and anyone seeking a quieter retreat. This beach is well-maintained and offers water activities suitable for all ages. And, as a double bay, boaters can make the short trip down to S’Amarador for more sun-kissed adventure.

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5. Playa Maioris

Porto Marie beach – white sand Beach with blue sky and crystal clear blue water in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, a Caribbean Island

Playa Maioris is a hidden treasure located in the municipality of Llucmajor, south of Palma. Golden sands and clear waters provide the perfect backdrop for a laid-back experience. Smaller crowds make Playa Maioris a more intimate Mallorca beach, but not one we’d recommend for families with children. As a nudist area, visitors are allowed to not wear clothes in and out of the water.

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Best boat charters to see Mallorca

A Mallorca boat charter unlocks the door to a world of breathtaking beaches, each offering a unique experience and perspective of Mallorcan charm. Whether you seek family-friendly shores, a party under the sun, or a serene retreat, these 5 beaches cater to every boater’s preference. Embark on an unforgettable adventure and discover the unparalleled beauty of Mallorca, one beach at a time, when you set sail with Smart Charter Ibiza. Start planning your trip today when you click here.

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